Will the Kavanaugh Effect Boost Republicans in November? Josh Hawley Says Yes

On NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday, Missouri Senate hopeful Josh Hawley told host Chuck Todd that the craziness of the Left during the hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh…


Hold on a sec…

By the way: Can you believe the craziness???? It was monumental — celebrities tweeting support for Ford, incredibly immature disruptions in the courtroom, women picketing outside the Capitol, ladies accosting Jeff Flake in an elevator (see here), Alyssa Milano leading her own mob (yes — the “M” word — here) into a congresswoman’s office…and the Who’s the Boss star (and my source of a personal emotional wound) sitting behind Kavanaugh while tweeting the entire time like an 11-year-old…

Freaking CRAZY.


Anyway, Josh said all that’s really screwed the Democrats:

“I do think the debacle with Justice Kavanaugh, what the Senate Democrats did in that case is hugely motivating to Missouri voters.”

Well, he’s saying the Dems in the Senate, but you can’t separate, I don’t think, those in Congress with those outside who were shouting “#IBelieveHer,” despite literally zero evidence to support Dr. Ford’s claims.

But back to Hawley’s thoughts on Congress:

“[Voters] cannot believe the conduct of these Senate Democrats, they cannot believe the smear campaign that they launched, and by the way how they drug Dr. [Christine Blasey] Ford through the mud as well.”

Josh is headed for battle against Democrat Claire McCaskill, and he’s got a fair shot — in 2016, Missouri favored Trump by almost 20 points. As covered by RedState’s streiff on October 11th, Hawley’s currently besting McCaskill by 0.4 percentage points.


He’s the state’s attorney general at the moment; he wants to join the bunch on Capitol Hill because “the future of our country is at stake.”

As for November, the future may well belong to Republicans. The Left lacks many things, and perspective seems one of the biggest. Over the last several years, it has gone from a voice in the debate of ideas to a frothing-at-the-mouth, unhinged, maniacal wail, looting and breaking things. And in the midst of the madness, it can’t stop long enough to ask, “Are we just making everybody think we’re $%@# NUTS?”

The answer, I believe, is “Yes.”

We’ll all find out very soon. It’s been an interesting lead up, so far:

In May, the President feared Robert Mueller was tainting the midterms (see here).

In June, Trump said immigration reform would need to wait ’til November’s “red wave” (here).

In July, the GOP wanted to press pause on the wall until after the (hopefully beneficial) midterms (here).

That same month, the GOP was freaked out and scurrying to prevent damage from the Helsinki conference (here and here).

Two months later, even the head of the RNC was concerned about the Democrats’ impending November triumph (here).

But the Left just couldn’t resist being ridiculous — That same month, DNC Chair Tom Perez warned that, if Dems didn’t dominate in the elections, our democracy would be destroyed (here).


By all accounts, at one point, all the Left had to do was not be crazy. Just do nothing. Don’t get in their own way.

But then, Kavanaugh.


An explosion of madness. Wanna see? Here’s Hillary warning that, if Brett were confirmed, we’d be taken back to the days of slavery: take a look.

And for the duration of the hearings, all hail, Step Stupid (here).

Now here we sit, the Dems seeming to have — just as in 2016, having learned absolutely nothing — shot themselves in the foot.

Way to go, gunslingers.

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