Do We Really Want People Registering to Vote?



The headline seems incendiary, but I think it’s a question worth asking.

As an election approaches, we hear of voting drives. In 1990, the Left and MTV told young people to Rock the Vote. But does voting really rock?


Not always, but this does:

These days, voting is trumpeted as its own virtue.

To me, pulling that ballyhooed lever — in and of itself — isn’t inherently good; in some cases, it’s downright dangerous.

We Americans have the privilege of picking our leaders, yet choice doesn’t have much merit if it isn’t informed. Personally, I want voters pulling that curtain closed with the Eye of the Tiger.

Instead, we’ve got a bunch of blind cats.

And they’re blowing it.

Democrats have organized to register our nation’s youth, knowing they’ll mostly cast their ballots in the direction of Hillaryville, partly due to ignorance. In many cases, teens and twenty-somethings can’t even define the words they use to espouse their beliefs. Which is to say, they have no beliefs. They only know what they’ve heard, and that’s good enough for them.

Haven’t you heard, too? Capitalism is evil. Socialism is good (see here).

Nevermind what either of those words actually mean. 

Someone who can’t define basic terms related to the power and scope of government is, to me, someone who has no business going to the polls. If you don’t care enough to learn about the concepts, you don’t care enough to be deciding the fate of the country. You have the right, but I wish you wouldn’t use it…until you find out what you’re voting for.


Instead of registration drives, I’d like to see information drives — efforts which provide people with definitions to important terms and basic sides to fundamental issues, complete with the reasoning behind them.

Obviously, for such an enterprise to remain starkly objective may prove quite a tall order. But it sure seems needed — our populace appears increasingly ignorant. It’s anecdotal, but just peruse social media, and surely you’ll agree. 

And there’s no excuse for it — we live in an age when every kind of information is at our fingertips. You have infinitely more data accessible via your phone than anything Encyclopedia Brittanica ever offered. So why are people so clueless?

A lot of the fault lies with the Left — they’ve infiltrated schools, preferring to teach about transgenderism, safe sex, and other social issues, rather than more relevant educational subjects such as Government. To the degree to which history and politics are taught, they’re overwhelmingly skewed.

And therefore, a lot of the fault is ours — we’ve allowed the intrusion, ceding smaller points which comprise a greater migration. Now we find ourselves with “diversity” curriculum, teacher firings when preferred pronouns aren’t employed (see here), and boys and girls being forced to poop in the same restroom (here).

Furthermore, students are being taught what to think, rather than how to think. Critical analysis has gone the way of the dodo bird. And yet, we’re left with tons of birdbrains.


If we want voting to matter, then we need voting to be informed. And if we want Knowledge to once again be Power, that strength must start in our schools. 

In contemporary America, we’ve progressively touted voting; yet, we’ve forgotten the essence of its beauty. The glory of democracy should begin with education and understanding, study and conclusion. Only then does one’s vote truly count.

If we want smart voters, we need smart students. And the road to that dynasty is smart education. If we return to that virtue, then the vote can truly Rock. As hard as the Schoolhouse once did.

I’m Alex Parker, and that’s what I think. How about you?


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