Juanita Broaddrick Responds to Hillary's CNN Claims of 'Very Significant Difference' Between Donald and Bill



As I covered Tuesday, Hillary Clinton appeared on CNN to say Donald Trump’s sketchy sexual history stands apart from that of Slick Willie’s to the tune of a “very significant difference” (see here)


Ring the bells! It’s a very significant difference! Yay! Bill is better than Donald! A cigar and dress in the Oval Office — and other get-your-freak-on shadiness while in powerful governmental positions — is better than Stormy! Democrats are better than Republicans! Hillary is better than the dude who came out of nowhere and totally stole her ice cream in the 2016 presidential election! It’s a very significant difference! (See more goofiness here.)

Given Bill’s well-known proclivities, it’s hard to believe Hillary’s willing to touch the topic of sexual misconduct with a 10-foot pole.

Bad analogy.

Something tells me a Republican in her position wouldn’t dare — the media would rip her if she ever opened her mouth on the subject.

Speaking of opening her mouth (bad reference), Juanita Broaddrick — who claims she was raped by Bill in 1978 — had a few words for Hillary in light of her shrugging-off of the ex-president’s shenanigans.

She appeared on The Daily Caller’s “America Uncensored” show to let loose.

Along the way, Juanita noted the #MeToo movement’s apparent lack of concern for her plight:

“[Now], we see MeToo entering the double standard, along with all the Democrats. It was terrible, what myself and others went through back in the 90s, when all the Democrats turned their backs on us. It was devastating. And, myself, I had very credible accusations against Bill Clinton. If I hadn’t have had, then NBC would’ve never interviewed…me and never have aired my story, even though they held it until after the impeachment.”


‘Nita juxtaposed her own situation with that of Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh:

“But it’s really amazing that they can take such scanty and vague allegations against Judge Kavanaugh but refuse to hear mine.”

After all these years — and despite the left-wing press largely ignoring her — she’s still intent on spreading the word:

“But I absolutely just have to prod on. You know, I have to continue to tell my story. Because there’s so many out there that have never heard it. And I’m able to educate those people every day. ‘Well, here’s what happened. And here’s where you can research and know that I have credible allegations.'”

Broaddrick was asked if #MeToo is helpful to victims, and she brought up my own personal heartbreak (see here), Alyssa Milano:

“If they’re liberal. Only if they’re liberal. I’ve been asking Alyssa Milano all week, you know, about her tweet that she said, ‘I just love you, Bill Clinton. I really, really love you.’ And I asked her for an update on that. … Of course, I never got a reply. … I’ve never been acknowledged, or never been a part of the MeToo. I think they must do good work, but it doesn’t affect…the conservatives that were sexually abused by Bill Clinton.”


As for the former First Lady’s comments on CNN, which included statements of Bill’s issues having long ago — and overly thoroughly, thanks to partisan fever — been put through due process, Juanita gave a big, “Woman, PLEASE!”

“Of course, she…says that these were litigated, these were handled back in the 90s. No, they weren’t. These were not. My case never was litigated, or adjudicated. I’m still out there, you know, just hanging on, trying to show the people that, yes, there was a rapist in the White House.”

Juanita’s begun a petition at whitehouse.gov. If it garners 100,000 signatures, it’ll receive a White House response. She’s requesting that the FBI investigate Bill’s sex crimes that were never litigated.

Host Stephanie Hamill asked what would bring her closure. Broaddrick’s hoping for quite a lot:

“If we can get an FBI investigation into myself, Leslie Millwee, Kathleen Willey. … I’d like for this to be brought forward. And if it can be proven — which I know that it can — I’d like to see him stripped of his presidential perks, which amounts to millions of dollars every year of our tax dollars.”

I’m gonna go with “Not likely.”

Either way, Juanita has some strong words for those who — like Alyssa Milano — still praise the Clintons:

“[I’m] hoping an investigation will show these people: You’ve been following a criminal sexual predator all of these years, and it’s time to face up to the fact that you’ve done this. Turn your backs on this man and this woman. He’s a criminal, and she is an enabler of his criminal activities.”


Hillary’s also a rabidly sore loser: she’s still whining about her ice cream, two years after the fact (see here) — unlike any other failed presidential candidate in modern history. And that is a “very significant difference.”


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