Sen. Mazie Hirono Claims Kavanaugh's Confirmation Will 'Nullify' Roe v. Wade



Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono told ABC’s This Week Sunday that Kavanaugh’s confirmation is an obliteration of Roe v. Wade.

Even if it isn’t overturned.



Mazie admitted it isn’t likely the landmark decision on abortion will be reversed:

“It matters if they overturn Roe v. Wade, which I doubt they’re gonna do.”

Hirono said actions in the lower state courts will eventually reach the nation’s highest judicial review, and that Kavanaugh’s presence could therefore…wait for it…nullify Roe:

“The states are very busy passing all kinds of laws that would limit a woman’s right to choose. It’s those things that will go before Justice Kavanaugh. … Even if they don’t [overturn it], they will nullify it, pretty much.”

Say what?

“I actually studied his cases, and I read his, particularly his dissents,” explained Hirono, “which are very telling, very much against reproductive choice.”

That must especially upset Mazie, since she doesn’t necessarily consider Kavanaugh a “legitimate” justice:

In his testimony, Brett made clear he believes Roe v. Wade to be settled law. But don’t think Democrats won’t still be pushing the Hysteria Buzzer, claiming all manner of attack on the federal right to abortion leading up to the midterms. It’s a hot button for the Left, and over the next month, they’re gonna be pushing buttons like it’s going out of style.


It seems to me that all the buzzing tends to annoy voters, who in reply cast their ballots for the other side. Either way, is Hirono right? What will be the Kavanaugh effect on abortion?

Kellyanne Conway echoed to ABC that issues of abortion could, of course, be addressed by the high court, many of which are revolutionary in light of previously more common attitudes favoring the termination of unwanted pregnancy:

“To be pro-choice in 2018 means that you are for sex-selection abortion, that you are for late-term abortion, taxpayer-funded abortion, abortion after the heartbeat or after nonpartisan scientists say the baby can feel pain. … Those cases will get to the Supreme Court one day.”

Meanwhile, Democrats will surely use Kavanaugh’s confirmation as a rallying cry to fight the conservative power by way of voting for left-wing congresspeople. even employing statements as ridiculous as Hirono’s. Voters may want to consider the source, however: Just days ago, the Hawaii senator wrongly claimed there was corroboration of Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, who, according to Mazie, is an enemy of “angry women, and men who listen to women.”

It’s an interesting question, the answer of which will, to some degree, measure America’s tolerance for extremism: Will the unhinged flailing of the Left as of late garner extra November ballot box attention for the Democratic Party, or will it result in the same thing we saw two years ago — a big ol’ “Y’all are crazy,” courtesy of Republican victory?


I’m thinking “crazy’s” gonna be more like it. What do you think? Let us all know in the Comments section below.


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