Rep. Nadler to ABC's 'This Week': Kavanaugh Should Be Disqualified for Bias Against Democrats



On Sunday, New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler told ABC’s This Week that Kavanaugh’s lashing of Democrats during last week’s testimony should disqualify him from the Supreme Court.


Yes — he really said that.

Furthermore, if Kavanaugh were confirmed, said Nadler, he would be obligated to remove himself from cases involving congressional Democrats.

During the hearing, Brett asserted he was being targeted by Democrats due to “pent-up anger about President Trump and the 2016 election” and for the sake of “revenge on behalf of the Clintons.”

Nadler claimed he was “astonished” by Kavanaugh, and not in a good way — oh, but Christine Blasey Ford was flippin’ awesome:

“I was astonished. On the one hand, the hearing was inspiring — I was really inspired to see Dr. Blasey Ford have the courage and the fortitude to go through what she did, to bring forth these charges, to tell what happened to her in a very credible way.”

Note: It was “what happened to her,” meaning, in Nadler’s view, Ford was telling the truth. Of course, that leaves Kavanaugh the liar.


“I’m inspired to see that other people are coming forward now, too. … Justice Kavanaugh, on the other hand, I was astonished at his rant. I mean, he’s a judge — a sitting circuit court judge is supposed to be non-partisan.”


Host George Stephanopolous pointed out that Kavanaugh was testifying from the disposition of an innocent man being accused of a crime:

“You heard Senator Graham — he believes that he was unfairly accused.

Nadler had no sympathy for the emotional trauma of the situation:

“Even assuming he were unfairly accused, he’s still supposed to behave as a judge. … His evident animus toward the entire Democratic Party…should be disqualifying. He showed no judicial temperament.”

As of late, Washington has become an especially dark place, dimmed by the spectacle of the worst partisan politics has to offer. Will it get any better? Is this a short-lived spike, or the beginning of a ramp? If things continue, they’re gonna have to install separate bathrooms. No need for urinals in the Democrats’ room, though — they’re all full of poop.

As much as I’d like to end on a poop joke, the divide in Washington seems to be sharper and uglier than ever before. Desperation is the soup of the day, and everyone’s stuffed (and needing to poop?). With this kind of radicalism in the fight — and with the Democrats being the party grabbing at extremist straws to defeat Kavanaugh, how do you think the midterms will be affected? Are swing voters being turned off by the Dems? Are any recovering Hillary supporters feeling frisky enough to pull the lever for Kavanaugh’s side of the aisle? Please let us all know what you think, in the Comments section below.



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