Just Before Leaving: Trump Praises Kavanaugh, Calls FBI Investigation a 'Blessing in Disguise'



On Saturday, just before leaving for a campaign rally in Wheeling, West Virginia, President Trump spoke to reporters about the Brett Kavanaugh delay and the notion of an FBI investigation.


Trump was very clear: he maintains his support of Judge Kavanaugh.

“I think it’s going very well. The FBI, as you know, is all over talking to everybody, and I would expect — he’s a very high-quality person — I would expect it’s going to turn out very well for the judge. There’s never been anybody that’s been looked at like Judge Kavanaugh.”

Additionally, Trump supposed a probe by the Federal Bureau of Investigation may actually be a blessing:

“Having the FBI go out and do a thorough investigation, whether it’s three days or seven days — I think it’s going to be less than a week — but having them do a thorough investigation, I actually think will be a blessing in disguise. It’ll be a good thing.”

One component of that blessing could be an identifying of the the culprit who leaked Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against the Supreme Court nominee:

“I think, frankly, the FBI has a chance to reveal a lot of different things. I’d like to find out who leaked the papers. Was it Senator Feinstein? Because, certainly, her body language was not exactly very good when they asked her that question. So I would like to find out, as part of it, who leaked the papers — which Democrats leaked the papers.”


Can the Democrats (and Jeff Flake?) defeat the GOP with this latest turn in the Kavanaugh confirmation process? Will the investigation lead to anything of note? It doesn’t seem likely. And what of the midterms? There’s a case to be made for the Dems going too far, a la 2016. If there’s one thing they know how to do, it’s repulse the voters with shameful tactics and political radicalism.

In the meantime, Trump is standing his ground and campaigning, presumably looking for the crest of that foamy mighty behemoth about which he prophesied months ago: the coming Red Wave (see here and here).


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