'Our Leader, The Idiot': Trump Billboard Outrages New Jersey Community



In New Jersey’s Union Township, anti-Trumper Neil Harrison bought a billboard for $1,100.

The giant sign promotes a documentary about President Trump called Our Leader: The Idiot.



And classy.

But residents don’t think so. In fact, a post to Union’s Facebook page washing the township’s hands of the eyesore has received hundreds of comments, many of them strong complaints. The statement:

“Residents, it’s come to our attention that a potentially offensive billboard has gone up on Morris Ave promoting a documentary about the President. We wanted to take this time to remind you all that while we take these matters very seriously, Billboards are privately owned and as such the Township of Union has no authority or or role in approving what goes up on each of them. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact the Office of Public Information at 908-851-5096 or [email protected]

Union spokeswoman Natalie Pineiro explained to News 12 that complaints run across every demographic:

“It has been a resounding outrage to the fact that somebody is going to these lengths to attack a sitting president. It’s something we’ve heard equally about from residents no matter their party, age, demographic. It’s something that’s caused a stir here.”

The following are a few of the comments to the township’s post:

Rosemary Hartman: Talk about a cop out!! SMH. So anyone can put a billboard up in your town no matter how offensive and you guys just say that your hands are tied? I think voters need to remember this come election time and vote in some people with b**s who actually care! Shame on you all! SMH.

Castro Pedro: Love it!!!!! Please dont take it down. Where exactly is it btw? I want a picture with it! To all trump supporters…just make believe the billboard is fake news.. you guys are pros at not believing what’s real.


Bob Dee: While in union, my money stays in my pocket, I won’t even spend for gas, Keep up the hate Union.

Anthony Sanford: If it was an anti Muslim, anti gay, anti illegal alien the town would have plenty of control over it.

John Morrison: This billboard needs to be removed… We all know if it was any other president you would have it down right away…
One commenter — Mark DelBrocco — did make a good point:
How many of the complainers would have complained about this past billboard in Hanson, Massachusetts?
Brace yourself…
What do you think of the Trump billboard? Is it a disgrace, or fair? Or both? What of the Obama one? Please let us all know in the Comments section below. To me, all of these things take politics to an unnecessary low, where it concerns the presidency of our nation.

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