Jimmy Carter: Impeachment of Trump Shouldn't be Pursued



At least one Democrat doesn’t want President Trump impeached. Or at least, he doesn’t think anyone should try to oust the Commander-in-Chief via the process.


Last week, the Left was going nuts over impeachment after Paul Manafort’s conviction and Michael Cohen’s guilty plea. They were losing their minds over it. Pretty much exactly ike this:

Nevertheless, speaking to Neil Cavuto on Fox Business, former President Jimmy Carter said he thinks it’s a bad idea:

“I don’t talk about impeachment. I think that’s the wrong thing for Democrats to do.”

President Trump agrees; he noted during the hysteria that if he were to be ejected, “everybody would be very poor”:

“I’ll tell you what — if I ever got impeached, I think the market would crash. I think everybody would be very poor because without this thinking, you would see numbers that you wouldn’t believe.”

Surely the Democrats wouldn’t want everyone to be poor!

Jimmy didn’t seem too worried about that part:

“I think the President has much less influence over the economy than is certainly publicized by the President himself. I know when I was in office, some bad things happened with the economy. I never did feel that I was responsible for it.”


The 93-year-old Georgia native also explained that, despite the current polarization of the country, we’ve come through difficult times before:

“I don’t have any doubt that basic principles of America and the basic status we have of equality between people will prevail in the long term.”

That’s one thing I’ve always appreciated about Democrat Jimmy Carter: while the Left may seem all nuts, he’s just moreso peanuts.


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