AP Poll: Abolish ICE? Not So Fast, Left



The far Left keeps getting wackier and wackier. As of late, they’ve gone full socialism (while still, perplexingly and stupidly, associating Trump with Nazis — the party of National Socialists). Another big soapbox serenade: the abolishment of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


Why not just abolish the police, too? And laws of all kinds? How about abolish government, including the politicians — such as Kirsten Gillibrand (see here) and goofy borderless dreamer Hank Linderman (please read here) — who want to do away with ICE?

Well, not so fast, Left: according to an AP-NORC Poll, the American people aren’t so much on your side.

Only 24% of those surveyed favored the melting of ICE (sorry), while 40% opposed the notion and 34% were ambivalent.

The report summed up dispensation among parties thusly:

“Protests have emerged calling for abolishing ICE, but few Americans support such a change. … In this instance, there is little difference across partisan lines, with similar minorities of Democrats, independents, and Republicans favoring abolishing the agency.”

However, there is indeed a difference concerning the augmentation or reduction of those criminally entering the country. Of Republicans, 17% believe the number of illegal immigrants should be increased, as compared to 42% of Democrats. Conversely, 43% of the GOP would like to see numbers lowered, contrasted by 14% of Dems.

It’s incredible how radical the Left have become in just a few short years. The idea of eradicating the law enforcement agency managing the safety and security of our borders would’ve been considered far too insane to suggest before Barack Obama took office. It seems to me that his inauguration signaled a steep slope into leftist extremism. Trump’s political entrance was both the product of — and the catalyst for — such a far-out movement.


Hopefully, this movement — like most movements in first-world America — will end up in the toilet.

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