Immigration & a Sein of the Times: A Look Back at When Language Meant Something and Comedy was Funny



Not long ago, before the Left took over our language, words actually meant what words actually meant.

For example:



These were all words that conformed to traditional notions of accuracy and sanity. And everyone agreed on their definitions.

Another of those words was “immigrant.”

As I covered previously…well, here it is:

The Left’s War on Language: ‘Illegal’ and What it Means

I’d appreciate your time reading it.

And related to the correct meaning of “immigrant,” I thought we’d take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce over what the word denoted, just 27 years ago. Back when the media didn’t jump through hoops and tie themselves (and the English language) into knots in their refusal to let us know someone in a news story is an illegal alien. “Asylum seeker?” Uh, no; that’s supposed to mean something specific. And that somethin’ ain’t people sneaking over the border from Mexico. Related reading:

Democratic Rep Blames All of Congress for Family Separation, and We’re Now Imprisoning Ducks

Anyway, join me in a look back to 1991, during a dinner scene in the television hit Seinfeld. Apparently, once upon a time, “immigrant” meant someone who legally moves from a foreign nation to the United States. And, as it turns out, it may easily mean — brace yourself — someone who looks WHITE!


The horror!!!! The white privilege! The triggering of non-binary humans of color!

Enjoy the scene — for its call back to a time when words weren’t weapons of deceitful ideological war, and major network comedy was actually…funny.

Please let me know your thoughts on language (what are some other words whose meanings have been twisted?) — as well as your favorite Seinfeld episodes or scenes — in the Comments section below.

Happy viewing.

Thank you for reading! 

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