Turkish Court Rules Against Release of American Pastor Andrew Brunson



On July 27th, I covered the story of American pastor Andre Brunson’s imprisonment in Turkey due to alleged ties to an unsuccessful government coup (see here).


That article also included, it should be noted, a couple fantastic videos of Alabama football. I recommend the article, but I highly recommend the videos.

I also recommend Brunson get the heck out of Turkey, but sometimes, advice is hard to take. Especially when you’re stuck in a third-world country that doesn’t seem too interested in the actions of the United States with regard to one of their citizens.

Last week, both President Trump and Vice President Pence spoke out on the Brunson situation, calling for his release.


Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, responded with, “No one dictates Turkey.”

Now, things seem to have taken a turn for the worse.

A Turkish court has given a big fat “No” to Brunson’s appeal to be freed from his house arrest and allowed to return to the U.S. via a lifted travel ban.

According to Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency, courtesy of the AP, a court in Izmir ruled against Brunson due to a continued “strong criminal suspicion” against the North Carolina pastor.

Brunson was taken into custody in 2016, following the failed coup. Specifically, he was charged with links to a U.S. Muslim cleric, Fethullah Gullen — who was blamed for social unrest in the aftermath of the coup — and the Kurdistan Workers Party.

Vice Chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, Kristina Arriaga, expressed disdain for the court’s decision:

“The government of Turkey continues to make a mockery of justice in its treatment of Pastor Brunson.”

President Trump had a choice word for the ruling: “disgrace.”


If Brunson is indeed innocence, that’s a very good word for it.

Thank you for reading! Please visit my initial article on Andrew Brunson here.

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