Trump Economic Advisor: Don't Blame Trump for Tariffs; Here's Why



On CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow said people shouldn’t place blame on President Trump for his imposition of tariffs (covered in these three articles)


The reason Trump isn’t at fault? He “inherited” a jacked-up system, Jack!

“This is a hard thing to do. … People say, ‘Well, President Trump’s tariffs are damaging this that and the other thing.’ I say, ‘Don’t blame President Trump.'”

Kudlow told it like (he thinks) it is:

“He inherited a completely broken world trading system … He’s trying to fix it.”

Kudlow’s statements follow the Commerce Department’s report showing a second-quarter growth of 4.1 percent.

Of course, the media, even preemptively, have had their own version of “Trump isn’t responsible” — for the good stuff (please read about that in my piece, “A River In Egypt: The Economy Is Great, But Not To MSNBC; Chris Matthews”).

Apparently, Trump and Chris Matthews disagree; the President and his economic aides have claimed the GDP uptick comes courtesy of last year’s GOP-led tax plan.

However, many experts say the growth rate can’t continue.

CNN asked Ludlow if Trump’s tariffs — which prompted retaliatory levies from other countries — were “great.” His response:

“You know, if they’re targeted for good purpose, as per China, I think the answer is absolutely yes. … That’s always been my view. Most free traders agree. China has not played by the rules and the trading system is broken largely because of them.”


I think it’s safe to say that President Trump is never going to get the credit he deserves, at any point, from the Left. Nevertheless, they continuously look foolish, as they perpetually announce the sky is falling, only to awake to another day of bright, beautiful blue. And that azure blanket above presides over a growth rate of 4.1 percent.

Whether it’s due to one thing or another, read ’em and weep, Left. And once you’re done crying, go buy something; the economy is thrivin’.

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