Hero: Rep. Jacky Rosen Fights Republicans on ObamaCare to Save Pregnant Women



To the dismay of many a healthcare professional, ObamaCare just won’t die. But it does seem to be on (government subsidized) life support.

In other news, guess what? The Democrats are fighting the Republicans.


Sound the alarm!

On Thursday, Democrats in the House backed a resolution allowing them to intervene in a lawsuit intended to defeat that medical utopia known as ObamaCare.

The House’s resolution is doppelgänger to the Senate’s initiative last week. Led by Nevada’s Rep. Jacky Rosen, the proposal targets those evildoers otherwise known as Republicans.

The introduction of the resolution lands mere days before a sad anniversary: almost exactly one year ago, the Senate tried and failed to repeal ObamaCare.


Among those supporting the resolution are the top Dems in every House committee overseeing healthcare, plus Maryland’s Steny Hoyer and that lovable teddy bear, Nancy “Let’s Hug” Pelosi.

As for the lawsuit: headed by Republican attorneys general, it seeks to declare ObamaCare unconstitutional, given the successful GOP maneuver of eliminating the individual mandate via last year’s tax bill (which Pelosi declared Armageddon, as seen here).

The DoJ has declined to defend ObamaCare. Furthermore, in June, it asserted that provisions protecting patients with pre-existing conditions should be removed.

Rep. Rosen doesn’t like that at all. She released a statement pulling a bit of a Hillary Clinton (who recently and ridiculously claimed that Bret Kavanaugh would take us back to the days of slavery, as seen here):

“Refusing to defend the existing law could take us back to the days when insurance companies could discriminate against people for everything from battling cancer to being pregnant.”


Being pregnant????

Yes. And she’s a doggone hero:

“I refuse to sit on the sidelines while this administration declines to defend these life-saving protections, and I hope members of Congress on both sides of the aisle will support this resolution.”

What a great woman. Or, a politician. Your pick.

In May, sixteen Democratic attorneys general secured the right to defend ObamaCare in court.

All this comes as eleven states are suing President Trump in order to preserve ObamaCare (covered here).

Do you think the Dems can save the monster? The individual mandate was removed, thus, according to Trump, effectively repealing the ACA. But they just won’t let it die. Surely both sides want to be declared winner before November. But who will triumph? The saga continues…

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