Kylie Jenner, Billionaire Communist: HuffPost Augments Obama's 'You Didn't Build That' Narrative.



In an article published Thursday, with the banner “Kylie Jenner is ‘Self-Made’ and Other Myths We Tell about the Extremely Wealthy,” the left-wing publication pushes the notion that work isn’t what begets success. The real determinate? Privilege.


[Incidentally, we do not “tell” myths; we “perpetuate” myths, HP. But it’s too early in this article to digress…]

HuffPost points to Forbes magazine’s list of “the 60 richest self-made women” as an example. Specifically, of course, they profile Jenner, who graces the cover.

To be sure, the Kardashian family doesn’t appear to be a hotbed of talent or, in my estimation, smarts. But to use Jenner as evidence that hard work isn’t a key to success isn’t just misguided; it’s irresponsible. And it is, obviously, one more method of marketing socialism (which young people love — please see here), communism, anti-Americanism (after all, we’re not much different than Syria, as revealed here) — and, among the social justice warriors, racism (which you’re all purveyors of, as proven here) — to Millennials. The message is: don’t believe in America’s promise of equal opportunity. Inequality of outcome renders it useless.

How then, does HuffPost feel about the number six person on the Forbes list, Oprah Winfrey? She was born to an unwed teen who worked as a maid, and she worked her way to up to $3.1 billion (Jenner, it should be noted, is actually at $900 million; I guess a sexy cover was more important than adhering to the concept). Or what of number three, Judith Faulkner? She began with a $6,000 investment and is now worth $3.5 billion.


According to Forbes, Kylie began her cosmetics line with a $250,000 seed, garnered from modeling and endorsements. To be sure, her family’s prominence — which began with Robert Kardashian’s successful publication Radio & Records and later father Bruce Jenner’s athletics affluence, and explosively springboarded from sister Kim’s sex tape with singer Ray J — played a large part in her success. But to suggest her story is to be a lesson of the impotence of blood, sweat, and tears is outrageous.

For an entire generation that’s been indoctrinated by the Left in the realms of education and media, this is the last message needed in the world.

HP lays it out:

“The American Dream says that anyone who works hard enough, regardless of the circumstances of their birth, can get rich. And some people do make the journey from rags ― or at least lower incomes ― to riches.

But the opportunity for others to join them seems to be shrinking. Social mobility has actually declined in the U.S. and today’s younger generation could end up poorer than their parents, according to research from the McKinsey Global Institute.”

Hey — where’s the racism?

“There’s a racial angle too ― in the U.S. and across the globe. In 2016, the median wealth of white American households was $171,000, while the median wealth of black American households was $17,100, according to Pew. On Forbes’ list of the world’s billionaires this year, just 11 of 2,043 are black.”

[Also: C’mon! It should be “Forbes’s.” Bush league, HP. Total bush league.]


I’m not going to throw up statistics in an effort to battle HuffPost’s data; that’s a rabbit hole not worth going down. But suffice it to say, the Left believes “America was never great to begin with.” Furthermore, consider the fact that a Millennial’s parents had to take him to court recently to evict him from their home (please read about that incredible story here); and I don’t think he’s nearly as much of an anomaly as is Kylie Jenner.

Moreover, Americans in the top percentage in terms of income do not remain so. The people comprising that group fluctuate. Some fail, some succeed. And America provides the greatest chance at a fair shot.

But not to HuffPost, which included the following tweets:

“Its [sic] amazing how many people are willfully ignorant about how much privilege factors into obtaining wealth. For example, calling K Jenner self-made is just dishonest.”

“Kylie Jenner is as much of a ‘self-made billionaire’ as Donald Trump.”

Is Trump self-made? Please take a look at the numbers in my article here.

Oh, and there’s also this from a certain 2016 presidential candidate:

“Trickle-down economics is a fraudulent theory. I believe in creating jobs and raising the wages of working people.”


Right. Making $15 at McDonald’s is the key to a thriving economy and nation.

I have more to say, but I have to go — my parents are kicking me out of their basement.

What are your thoughts on the HuffPost piece? Let all of us know in the Comments section below.

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