Trump Visits London, and American Media Lies Take a European Vacation

Protest is a valid form of dissent. But what if it’s meant to object to things which do not exist?

In honor of President Trump’s trip to London today, the ignorant have organized a rally to boldly stand against a variety of fictitious maladies. Fight the (imaginary) power!


Thank you, shameful, left-wing media, for lying to the entire world.

A video by PlayGround, a European news and media site, shows protestors raging against the evil of Donald J. Trump. Speaking into the camera, they declare the reasons for their vigilant opposition. Behold: a transcript, with commentary.

The first proclamations come from what appears to be a man dressed like a woman dressed like a BDSM participant dressed like a cat:

“Stop grabbing p***y!”

Sigh. The President never preached the virtues of doing this. He marveled that, when you’re a famous man, women will let you do it. I believe him.

“Stop putting kids in cages!”

This is really what people think, thanks to the mainstream media. The photograph of children in a cage which fired off this frenzy was taken during Obama’s presidency (see that here). If some want to rally against it, they should attend an Obama appearance. Or better yet, they ought to picket the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. For more about that fact, please go here.

“Stop cutting funding! Stop ruining this world!”

Again — thank you, media.

Proceeding, we have a pink-haired princess with the kind of nose ring that bulls wear:

“It’s important to march with the queer folk today to show that all the policies that Donald Trump puts in place in America to put down people who are subjugated, who are queer, of color, or women, or trans, or disabled, are not welcome here.”


Hold on.

Okay, sorry — I had to take some Alleve.

The princess’s thoughts come, once again, courtesy of the most dishonest media of any time in American history.

And by the way: despite the Oscar lamentations of Meryl Streep, Trump never made fun of a disabled man. Please enjoy the following relevant videos:

Next, two women wearing what look like dog collars wax philosophic:

“We’re here today because we don’t want Trump to be welcomed into this country because he’s homophobic, he’s racist, he’s anti-women, and he’s made bad decisions for the environment.”

Just pitiful.

These people far across the ocean believe in such myths, not because of the false accusations of politicians, but due to the flagrant dishonesty of news figures.

I expect politicians to lie; they’re in the business of it. But deception is far outside the directive of those with the word “news” in their title. Fabrication was not always part of the trade. Yet, there has become no discernible difference between the lying politicians and the lying news media. Another day goes by, and the world gets a little dumber. And a dumber world is a worse world. Thank you, media, for making things worse.

In the meantime, there are important things to debate. But the Left has moved so far from ideology, I’m not so sure debate is within their capacity. In the world of Washington, that probably means a 2020 Trump victory. And in the world outside, it means a whole lot of conversations with people who have no understanding of reality. And some who might just be a transgendered pussycat dominatrix.



What do you experience with those who are anti-Trump? And how do we stop the international plague of misinformation being spread by the likes of CNN and MSNBC?

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