New EPA Head Previously Called Trump an Ignorant 'Bully'



Andrew Wheeler, the soon-to-be interim head of the Environmental Protection Agency, has a spotty past with regard to relations with Donald J. Trump.

Wheeler will be settling into an uncomfortable spot — critics of Pruitt have furiously fretted over his potential replacement (please read about that here).

Speaking of uncomfortable, in a 2016 Facebook post, Wheeler called Trump a “bully.” What’s more, he said The Donald …

…get this…

“really hasn’t been that successful” in business.

[“Dear God, Please let me not be that successful. Just like Donald Trump.”]

Could this be the single dumbest thing the anti-Trump crowd has ever said? Even if Trump borrowed$20 million at the start, he built a billion dollar empire. Many have invested large sums into business and lost their shirt. To say Trump hasn’t had success is absurd. He is an icon of success. To put it in perspective — based on a $4 billion net worth and a $20 million origin — it’s akin to beginning with $1, and generating $200. Or turning $100 into $20,000. How many people can do that? Trump claims, incidentally, to be worth $10 billion. And to have begun with less than 20 million.

In 2016, Wheeler — an ex-coal lobbyist — also wrote that the President “doesn’t really understand how government works (yet he seems to be doing well, as evidenced here and here)” and that he “has more baggage then all other Republican candidates combined.”

Man — that doesn’t sound like a good candidate (but personally, I like Trump for these reasons).

At the time of Wheeler’s writing, he was rooting for Marco Rubio as Commander-in-Chief. As he explained to The Hill, he converted to Team Trump after Rubio dropped out:

“I made those comments during my time working on the Rubio presidential campaign. In June 2016, I attended a speech from then-candidate Donald Trump in Wheeling, WV. He gave a 40-minute energy speech where he didn’t use notes or a teleprompter. And as I have stated previously, it was the most comprehensive energy speech by a presidential candidate I had ever heard. I then joined the Trump campaign and worked on environmental policy for him.”

On Thursday, the President erroneously called Wheeler an early Trump supporter:

“He was very much an early Trump supporter. He was with us on the campaign. He is a very environmental person. He’s a big believer, and he’s going to do a fantastic job.”

Well, Trump got most of it right. Hopefully.

What do you think about Andrew Wheeler, and the entire EPA situation? Sound off in the Comments section below.

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