Sally Moyer -- Previously Unidentified Anti-Trump FBI Agent -- Shown for First Time


Earlier this week, Mark Meadows, R-N.C., chairman of the Freedom Caucus, revealed the identity of two previously anonymous pro-Hillary FBI investigators referenced by Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on the Clinton email investigation (read more about its anticipation here). One of those — Sally Moyer — was pictured for the first time today, by the Daily Mail.


As indicated in the report, Moyer’s texts and instant messages — sent from the her FBI devices — “raised concerns about potential bias in the Clinton investigation.”

Contrary to an initial FBI statement explaining reasons for anonymity, Moyer does not work in “counterintelligence.” Meadows previously informed Horowitz:

“They don’t work in counterintelligence. If that’s the reason the FBI is giving, they’re giving you false information, because they work for the general counsel.”

Much like Strzok and Page (learn more about Peter Strzok and who’s in the FBI here), the still-unidentified “Agent 1” and “Agent 5 (Moyer),” were involved romantically. They have since married.

Sally was on the “filter team” for the Clinton investigation, which determined whether information gathered by the FBI was “privileged” or could be utilized in the probe.

She didn’t seem too awfully objective — Moyer exclaimed “F*** Trump” in a text and said she’d view any public service award from the President as an “insult.”

According to the New York Post’s Paul Sperry, among the incendiary messages Moyer exchanged with her FBI man, she called Trump’s supporters “retarded” and claimed she would quit “on the spot” if he won the presidency:

“Moyer, in an Oct. 28, 2016, instant message, said she was ‘sick’ of Trump and later called his supporters ‘retarded.’ On Election Day, she said Clinton had ‘better win … otherwise I’m gonna be walking around with both my guns … and like quitting on the spot,’ adding, ‘Screw you, Trump.’”


The IG report discovered no specific investigative tampering in the Hillary examination. But still:

“[Agents’ messages] cast a cloud over the FBI [Clinton] investigation and sowed doubt [concerning] the FBI’s work on, and its handling of, the [Clinton] investigation. … Moreover, the damage caused by their actions extends far beyond the scope of the Midyear investigation and goes to the heart of the FBI’s reputation for neutral fact-finding and political independence (see how the media reacted here).”

On Friday, the Daily Mail published the first photos of the operative since she was identified. She refused to speak with a reporter.

[I’m including the link only, as I have not attained permission to display the photos.]

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