(No) SURPRISE! Post-Executive Order, the Left Rages Against Family Togetherness at the Border


Okay, this one’s a doozy.

Over the last few weeks, here’s what has happened:

A photograph went viral, spawning a great left-wing outcry over the fact that children were being put in cages (see the photo here).


The Left’s immediate response was to:

  • Blame Donald Trump — This was wrong, since the practices at the border are in response to law, not merely “policy.” The law in question began with the Clinton administration (its history is explained here).
  • Ask how Trump could let something like that which was pictured actually happen — This was wrong, because the photo was from 2014 — the Obama era. Oops!
  • Demand that children never be separated from their parents — This was wrong, because the only alternative is for children to be in jail, given that they were separated from their imprisoned, criminal parents.

Fast forward to a whole lot of pressure from the media, Democrats, and even Republicans (see more about that here). The result was an executive order, constituting — in my estimation — a bad strategic play by Trump, losing any substantial leverage in the fight for immigration reform (see here).

Now where are we? Is the Left satisfied that children are back with their parents (in jail)?

Let’s review a bit: against the protest of civil rights groups, the Obama administration believed children of (law-breaking) illegal immigrants should be with their parents; however, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals disagreed, mandating that children not be kept in jail. Hence, family separation. Trump undid that Wednesday, putting us back to the place which caused the appeals court to rule in the first place.

And, therefore, now this tweet — an exemplification of the Left following their policy: always, in all things, go against Donald Trump.




Wait — safe?? What is she talking about? This was not about “safe;” it was about law.

Regardless, Senator Bernie Sanders had this to say:

“We have a situation where the Trump administration now, their solution is to provide indefinite detention…the Trump administration wants to undo the Flores settlement, which focuses on the needs of children and limits to 20 days, the number of days that children can be in jail.”

HOLY FREAKING __________.

He invokes the Flores settlement, which no Democrat or media member would admit existed — it was a policy, remember? According to Democrats, the media, and even some Republicans, family separation was not a product of law. Now, Sanders is referencing the law which Trump’s executive order (due to pressure from the Left) undid.

House Democrat Eric Swalwell warned CNN that the executive action “could lead to family internment camps.”

Samantha Bee (who I previously profiled here and here), announced on her show Wednesday, “Yay! No more baby internment camps, just regular internment camps…Cool! That’s what we call a win in 2018. To be clear, I am happy that at least these kids are theoretically (?) gonna stay with their parents, but Mommy & Me Jails are not a solution.”


Well, there ya go.

The Left, in truth, has only two positions in this situation:

  • As for illegal immigrants, let them all go (cha-CHING at the voting booth)
  • As for Trump, whichever thing he did, that thing was the worst thing a President could ever do (cha-CHING at the voting booth).

Politics is a game of money and power — one that is played, as of late, especially dirty.

“Dirty” only works if people are ill-informed. Knowledge makes “dirty” look stupid.

That’s why we’re here — not just the writers of RedState, but you, the readers. Hopefully, we can spread a little truth, and expose the rising hypocrisy in a high-stakes game being played with “progressively” fewer scruples. In the meantime, I’m sure things are going to continue to get really, really stupid.


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