God-Fearing MSNBC Thinks Trump Writes the Law and He's Made Us Afraid of Murder



On MSNBC’s Deadline: White House Thursday, host Nicolle Wallace compared President Trump’s administration to MS-13 — the deadliest gang in American history — accusing the Trump clan of “terrorizing children” by tearing them away from their parents.


In truth, however, the practice she referenced is mandated by law.

But what do you expect? It’s MSNBC.

From there, various other goofiness followed. Everyone kind of got religion yet seemed completely daft.

As for the separation of illegal aliens from their children, in a discussion of Sarah Huckabee Sanders answering questions about it, Wallace condemned the legal requirement:

“It is straight-up inhumane what they’re doing. Why not just say, ‘Yeah, we’re cruel and inhumane — what’s the next question?'”

Former spokesman for Eric Holder’s Justice Department, Matthew Miller, took a religious approach, amid referencing the fact that his father was a Baptist preacher:

“I think I read a different Bible than her. … This is an immoral policy. … This is inhumane. Cruelty is the intention of this policy … They are intending to be cruel.”

Once again: IT IS NOT A “POLICY.”

And: Intending?? The President of the United States just thought he’d be cruel to a bunch of children?

It isn’t the President’s choice. Furthermore, the practice began during the Obama administration; is cruelty why Barack did it?

Then came the MS-13 comment:

“The irony of the President running around the country making people afraid of criminal gangs — and a lot of people are, and that’s justifiable — when the U.S. government is acting like a gang terrorizing children, ripping them from the arms of their parents.”


There you have it, folks. You hadn’t realized it, but Donald Trump, having run around the country, has made you afraid of criminal gangs. How you could be duped into fearing an organized, murderous horde? They’re only known for chopping up people with machetes. Learn to think for yourselves.

Wallace continued:

“What’s wrong with the people that work in the administration and watch these pictures and have families of their own, and this will be on their resume forever? ‘I worked for the administration that was responsible for the policy that ripped young children out of their mothers’ arms.”


Why, news people? Why?? Why won’t you try to learn things so you can know what you’re talking about????

Richard Stengel, former aide in the Kerry State Department, quoted the Good Book:

“What you do for the least among us, you do for me, Matthew 25. That should have been part of the Republican party platform for its whole life.”

Then Miller gave it a shot, in the ol’ game “Name One of the Smartest Things You’ve Ever Heard Anyone Say.”

Okay, Matthew. It’s your turn. No– stop hitting Martha. Matthew, stop hitting Martha. Martha, don’t egg him on. Kids, behave. Okay, Matthew — go ahead:


“One of the smartest things I ever heard anyone say about Donald Trump is, he may not be able to do anything for the people in the Midwest who supported him — he may not be able to do anything to improve their lives — but he can sure do something to punish the people that they don’t like. And that’s what he’s doing here.”


A few points:

    1. Miller’s comment about the Midwest made absolutely no sense. The economy affects people in the Midwest, as well as everywhere else in the country. Tax refunds affect everyone. Crime affects everyone. Gun control affects everyone. Trump’s policies affect the Midwest. But you know what isn’t one of Trump’s policies? Mathhew? Martha? Nicolle? Richard? The answer is: separating kids from their illegal alien parents. This leads me to point #2…
    2. As for children being taken from their parents: This is the product of the 1997 Flores Settlement Agreement, which said unaccompanied minors who came to the U.S. had to ultimately be released to foster care or a relative, etc., and could not be detained. That became legislation in 2008. In 2016, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the agreement ALSO applied to ACCOMPANIED minors. Until February of 2016, accompanied minors were allowed to remain with their parents who were in detainment. But after the court ruling, even accompanied minors were not allowed to be kept in custody. The accompanied kids now have to be released from custody after 20 days.
    3. The people those in the Midwest don’t like are…children???? Uh…people in the Midwest have more children than do people in Democratic strongholds.
    4. MSNBC is ridiculous.


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