MSNBC on Roseanne: Sarah Palin and 'Evil' White Republicans to Blame


In a segment discussing Roseanne Barr’s Tuesday morning tweet which resulted in the cancellation of her sitcom by Disney President Bob Iger, an MSNBC panel took the opportunity to attack Sarah Palin, Trump’s “evil” administration, and white people (trivia: Valerie Jarrett, the subject of Roseanne’s insulting tweet, is partly white).


The group at Deadline: White House incredibly connected the sitcom star’s social media insult to 2008 comments by Sarah Palin. According to The Washington Post’s Ashley Parker, Trump rallies draw out “a frenzied, dark side in people.” Furthermore, Nicolle Wallace waxed:

“[S]ome of that had its birth in the Sarah Palin crowds. I mean, you and I both saw it and while, across the Midwest, John McCain was reprimanding his supporters when they called President Obama — then Senator Obama a Muslim. Sarah Palin reveled in what you just described.”

Political strategist Steve Schmidt agreed, saying Palin supporters “made us cringe.” Furthermore:

“Any of these people who are working in a political capacity in this White House, they are complicit with this…(and) not serving the better angels of our country.”

Schmidt continued his attack on the Trump administration, labeling it “borderline evil” and referencing “demons”:

“Donald Trump, every day from the moment he wakes up to the moment he retires, summons our worst demons and the people in that White House are in on it with him. They are coarsening the country. The level of lying, the level of deceit, the level of attacks on our institutions, the sundering of the country for political purposes, all of it, it is deliberate, it is purposeful, it is premeditated. They know exactly what they’re doing. There’s a political strategy to it. It is not providential. It is not accidental and you either look at that and you recognize not only is it bad, it’s borderline evil and it is hurting this country.”


MSNBC contributor Eddie Glaude said Trump isn’t “the iceberg” of American racism, but merely the tip. Oh, and “white people have lost their damn minds”:

“We could talk about the politics, we could talk about what’s happening in the White House and folks who are complicit with it. But for a lot of black folk in this country, it seems as if, in a generality, white people have lost their damn minds and we have to raise our children in the midst of this.

“We find ourselves in a historic moment right now where we have to worry about raising our kids. We have to worry about whether or not they will have opportunity. So we could talk about the politics, but there’s something and Steve, you’ve get at this — you’ve touched on this. There’s something deeply insidious that’s borderline evil here and it’s not just simply Donald Trump. It’s about the moral monsters that are running around this country and claiming it as their own and making so many people vulnerable and it’s — you know, my son just graduated yesterday on Sunday and I’m thinking about how joyous he was, how I saw that big beautiful smile and then I got to worry about him, Nicolle. We have to worry about — why? Because we can’t seem to look the ugliness or who we are — not just simply Donald Trump, but who we are and who we have been so that we can imagine oust ourselves better…[B]ut we have to fight we have to fight for a better America and we can’t cede it to these folk who are, in some ways, nurturing themselves in hate and that’s going to require not only voting. It’s going to require getting out and doing the heavy lifting in our neighborhoods with people who often don’t look like us.”


Does this sound like a news organization? How about a network interested in multiple viewpoints? Nevertheless, MSNBC’s slogan is “This is Who We Are.”

Who would you say they are? Let me know in the Comments section.

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