(AUDIO) Mark Levin's Harsh Words as he BANS Reince Priebus From His Show

After resigning himself to voting for Donald Trump in the general election, radio host Mark Levin has made clear that that vote does not include actually offering support of the candidate.


On his show today, he discussed the possibility of having GOP Chairman Reince Priebus on the program, when suddenly Levin interrupted his own thought to declare that Priebus is banned from ever appearing again on his show because he’s “tired of his games.”

In a particularly revealing moment, the former #NeverTrumper cites his reasoning for the ban, saying “he’s contributed to dragging down the Republican Party. He’s Donald Trump’s new friend. He’s the alt-right, nationalist, populists’ new friend. They conspired with him to screw conservatives and the grassroots, so let them live with him. I want nothing to do with him.”

Upon request for comment, RNC spokesman Steve Guest told me what he told the Washington Examiner earlier.

The chairman has worked hard over the last several years to foster relationships with members of the media. If he doesn’t want to meet, we respect his decision.

Here’s the audio of his comments.

Ben Howe is a Contributing Editor at RedState.com, founder of Howe Creative, and the Director of the upcoming film about Donald Trump, The Sociopath.


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