When Alien Historians Ask Why the Earth Had to be Destroyed, This Trump Video Will Be Their Answer

Once in a while a video or song comes along that is so incredibly awful, so mind-numbingly out of touch, so completely exactly the perfect stereotype of people you despise, that the only answer is it absolutely must be a parody.


As of yet, this incredible, eye-melting, soul-destroying song, called “The 2016 Vote Song” has not revealed itself to be the work of masterful satirists at the Onion. Nor has Russia stepped forward to acknowledge that they’re hoping the video will spark a war in the entire western hemisphere of earth that will leave everything we love in ashes.

If it turns out this IS parody, then all of my above descriptions reverse into incredible praise at the feet of someone talented enough to walk the line of Trumpkin crazy with enough talent to make it awful, but believable.

As this is the 2016 election and I’ve seen things that make me ashamed to be human already, I will for now conclude that it is intended to be taken seriously.

The artist’s buddy expects former conservative commentator turned Trump fan girl, Sean Hannity, to love the video.

I do too. And that is why the coming global conflagration at the hands of all other intelligent life in the universe will be remembered by our alien replacements as the Trumpkin Purge.

May God have mercy on our souls.


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