Did Trump Just Suggest Assassinating Hillary?

I think we all know that part of the argument for the Second Amendment is that our founders actually ran into the issue of a tyrannical government and as such, having guns turned out to be a good thing.

That said, as a general rule, presidential candidates should probably refrain from sugging that merely disagreeing with a Supreme Court pick is grounds for that type of revolution.

Yet it’s hard to translate Donald Trump’s comments on the question of Hillary’s SCOTUS picks any other way.

Here’s his comments from today which are creating a firestorm.

And lest someone claim that cut is out of context, here’s a more complete version of his remarks.

Now of course people will still claim it was out of context, likely saying that he meant “second amendment folks” (who he mentioned in the 3rd sentence) will oppose having the 2nd amendment repealed (which he mentioned in the 1st sentence). So the Trump campaign defense might come down to splitting hairs over which sentence was in conjunction with, as opposed to separate from, the other sentence. How fitting.

I guess the best defense of this is that it was a joke of some sort, but that’s not a particularly good defense in this case. It turns out, people still get all bent out of shape when you joke about your supporters assassinating your political opponents, ha ha, get it guys?

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