Trump Rally Violence: Maintaining the High Ground After Taking the Low Road

Trump Rally Violence: Maintaining the High Ground After Taking the Low Road
A woman wipes egg off her face after being pursued by protesters while leaving Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign rally on Thursday, June 2, 2016, in San Jose, Calif. A group of protesters attacked Trump supporters who were leaving the presidential candidate's rally in San Jose on Thursday night. A dozen or more people were punched, at least one person was pelted with an egg and Trump hats grabbed from supporters were set on fire on the ground. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the explosive violence that took place in San Jose, California Thursday night at a Trump rally.

The poster child for the violence became this woman, egged in the face after egging on the crowd while allegedly being trapped outside with them.

But it went way beyond egging, with fights and beatings and complete intolerance for diversity of opinion.

It was an altogether frightening scene and the violence is inexcusable and frankly, dumb if what you’re trying to do is rally people around the idea that Trump is a danger to American ideals.

It’s not just violence however. Young protestors, often so-called progressives & liberals, just can’t seem to contain themselves when presented with opposing opinions. As we’ve all seen with Milo Yiannopoulos, British provocateur who regularly has his college campus appearances shut down by screaming crowds of protesters going into convulsions over his “dangerous” words.

It’s a common tale in today’s overly-triggered political climate. And being overly-triggered, in addition to the myriad of ways that conservative media helped pave the way for this candidate, is part of what helped Trump’s rise. An oversensitive population found offense in everything and eventually a large segment decided they’d had enough. Now nothing is deemed offensive.

Well, almost nothing.

On Thursday night, as the news about the protests was spreading, I quickly glanced at a photo of the girl who got egged. From my quick look, I just saw a woman with yolk in her hair. It seemed something akin to getting red paint tossed on you or being glitter bombed. Annoying perhaps, but not the kind of violence that was seen elsewhere I thought.

So I tweeted this.

Within minutes of that I saw more info about how violent things had gotten so I tweeted this.

People over the course of the night took issue with my tweet. They started telling me I was supporting assault of women and so on. When I woke up in the morning and saw these tweets, I found it somewhat amusing. I hadn’t done any such thing. As far as I was concerned, the violence was abhorrent but this lady had gotten nothing more than a prank and people were being silly. That’s when I tweeted my now infamous tweet.

This opened up a storm starting with Gateway Pundit who gave me my own click-bait headline starting with “SICK!” You know, because I’m sick, since I support abuse of women. However, by the time Mr. Pundit posted this, I’d actually finally watched the video and did agree it was a frightening situation.

But did it matter? Of course not! A quick look at the views on my retractions upon seeing the video (though I maintained she was acting like an idiot in a potentially dangerous situation) vs the views on my “offensive” comment shows how Outrage Media works. It only focuses on the aspects that gets people in a huff because that equals clicks.

Ok, so I spoke about something without having all the facts. I retracted my initial perception of it and confirmed that no one should be assaulted for speaking their opinion.

So how DO I maintain the high road with Trumpkins after walking the low road in this incident? Oh, that’s easy. Enjoy the responses at the bottom of this post and understand they are only a taste of what I’ve received in response to my sin.

Once Breitbart News wrote not one, but two “articles” about the tweets, it was open season on me, my family, my work, my marriage, whatever you can think of.

You see, in the world of Donald Trump, you bring a tank to a knife fight. Not because you want to win the fight for righteous reasons. But because you think it’s really cool how people’s blood & guts fly everywhere when they’re hit.

But I’m not interested in being on their level and I’m not concerned I am in danger of it. The Trumpkins, the Trumpists, whatever you want to call them. They have shown their true colors to me day and night for months. They’ve shown it to me in their television interviews. In their false libelous stories they’ve written about me and others. In their attempts to dig up addresses of people they disagree with to go to their homes and intimidate them which yes, has happened.

Their God-man-child not only approves, he encourages the behavior.

We maintain the high ground by not approving of violence in response to speech and continuing to point out what low-level scum these people are. If we mess up, give in to our own anger or speak out of an ignorance of facts as I did, we retract, we apologize, we reaffirm our standing principles. We continue to separate ourselves in that way from this garbage of society that has planted their roots firmly in the Republican party and is filled, as you’ll see below, with white supremacists calling themselves “race realists.” Xenophobes calling themselves immigration hawks. And basically just a bunch of awful people.

Could there be good people that support Trump? And by support I’m not talking about your casual “ok, he won so I’ll support the party” support (though they also deserve a special kind of scolding). I’m talking about the “THANK THE LORD JESUS FOR DONALD TRUMP” crowd. Are there good people among that energized group?

I have no idea. But I doubt it.

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