If You're Committed To Defending Trump, Be Prepared To Make THIS Face All The Time Forever

There’s pretty much not one person on planet earth that has any experience or credentials in foreign affairs that believes it is a good idea to meet with cartoon villian, Kim Jong Un, the dictator of North Korea.


These are guys that fire missiles towards our allies and taunt us with their potential ability to send nuclear weapons to our mainland as some kind of strange attempt to intimidate or impress us.

These are people that we already negotiated with once in the late 90s where we gave them nuclear technology that they super duper promised not to use to make weapons, and then they totally did.

North Korean negotiations are so bad that they are used as the foundation of arguments against the Iran Deal which continues to bear striking similarities.

So of course Donald Trump wants to talk to them. Because he’s an idiot.

But a lot of the people that endorsed Mr. Trump, are not idiots. They’re just very short-sighted and misguided and think that this is a normal nomination process where it’s time to rally around the candidate.

Jeff Sessions, normally a very dependable conservative voice, was early on the short-sighted train, got a full taste of what defending Trump will be like when he was asked by Wolf Blitzer what he thought about Trump’s desire to pull a Dennis Rodman and head overseas to the Dark Kingdom.  He stumbled over his words, ultimately saying, in typical Trump surrogate fashion, that he didn’t like it but maybe Trump makes it a good idea.


But enjoy the awkwardness while you can, GOP. Because if you got on the Trump train after his nomination was certain; if you are planning on supporting the GOP until November or worse yet, through four years of this guy being president… you should start practicing making this face every time someone asks you to defend whatever ridiculous thing of the day he’s said.


This is your future, GOP. All for the sake of one election that most of you think we’ll lose.  It’ll make defending George Bush’s gaffes feel like the good old days. It’ll be the political equivalent of nodding at the bad artistic adventure your weird cousin embarked on, but every day, all the time.

Remember that time someone cooked you something and you had to pretend you liked it? That times eleventy-billion and also related to the future of the nation.

Or you could join the ranks of #NeverTrump, and oppose this nonsense before all credibility is lost forever.

Look into those eyes and see the anguish. Is that what you want to be?



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