BREAKING: Indiana Exit Polls Are Not Yet Armageddonish

CNN is reporting that Indiana exit polls show voters believe the primary has divided the party but, overall, it has been fair. This is the kind of news that is good for Ted Cruz since it has been the “rigging the primary” drumbeat of Trumpkins up to this point and it seems, by early indications anyway, that that line of thinking hasn’t completely resonated.

Unfortunately, and in spite of believing the process has been fair thus far, voters do believe that ultimately the nomination should go to whoever has the greatest number of votes which, while a neat and tidy way of looking at things, is not how it works.

Most people watching tonight’s returns believe that Cruz losing Indiana will all but secure Donald Trump’s nomination.  Most people with brains watching tonight’s returns know that if Trump secures the nomination, the Seventh Seal will be broken and Satan’s reign on earth will begin.

Stay tuned for more.