VIDEO: Jan Brewer Chastised by Trump Audience for Wanting to Build Fences

Never let it be said that there are no specific policy positions among Donald Trump’s throngs of adoring fans.  Certainly when it comes to healthcare policy, the reply is “it’ll be great!” And for taxes you may hear “it’ll be great!” And then of course for dealing with ISIS we’re told “it’ll be great!”


But as Jan Brewer learned at a rally in Arizona this afternoon, don’t you dare call the classy wall Mexico is paying for “a fence.” By God, if there is one thing this candidate and his fans will not be doing, it’s mending fences. Metaphorical or otherwise.

For her part, Jan Brewer seemed completely unaware of what was going on or that the audience was unhappy with her inadequate description of the one-word border security solution pushed incessantly by the red headed step child of American politics. Being 8,000 years old probably didn’t assist in Brewer’s comprehension.

Luckily, in keeping with their normal tactic of yelling things, the crowd was happy to correct the inconsequential.


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