VIDEO: Trump Threatens (Again) to Go 3rd Party

Least surprising news ever, of course. Donald Trump, who felt the heat in the last debate and was expected to do a little more than simply shout “things are going to be awesome,” is now realizing that he wishes he hadn’t signed a pledge to not go 3rd party.


Anyone who has been honest with themselves about his character knew there was little chance he’d do anything close to keeping a promise if it meant he had to concede defeat.

Trump claims to be a winner, but he’s really just a manipulative bully.  Will “sore loser” laws get in the way? Will he end up failing to make an impact despite his best efforts to throw a tantrum? All this remains to be seen and I’m sure will be discussed.

But in the meantime, to all of you who support him, here’s the fruits of your loyalty.


h/t to Make America Awesome who is working hard to expose this fraud.



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