Trump is all about ethanol cronyism. Because of course.

The longer that Donald Trump’s campaign for president goes on, the more he is exposed as a deeply unconservative, anti-free market, anti-limited government liberal who has just conned the media and a bunch of poor, low-information voters into thinking he’s conservative by saying a bunch of inflammatory things, usually involving women or minorities.


The latest example: Turns out Trump is big into ethanol mandates and thinks the Renewable Fuel Standard is the bomb. I missed this recently, because catching it would have entailed reading TrumpBart, whose leadership presumably is also all-in for ethanol mandates, socialized medicine, saving the environment from Indian software engineers with H1B visas, auto bailouts, eminent domain abuse, and other deeply unconservative things that Trump likes. But I digress— here’s what the TrumpBart piece says:

Billionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump met with leaders of POET, an ethanol company here in Iowa, and some of the co-chairs of the American Renewable Fuels group to talk about the importance of ethanol.

“You know what? he said. “I went out to see some of the folks on the ethanol. Good stuff and great people, put a lot of people to work out here. I just want to thank them, they’re doing an amazing job.”

After the rally, one attendee shouted out to Trump as he was signing posters for supporters: “Mr. Trump, What do you think about ethanol?”

“I love it, I’m for it,” Trump said simply before exiting the stage.

Now, it is not completely new that Trump is showing himself to be a big-time supporter of ethanol mandates, which are very bad for average American families, drivers, the environment, and basically everything and everyone except Big Corn and politicians willing to sell their souls and compromise their principles to try to guarantee victory in Iowa. Trump recently strongly endorsed ethanol, with about the only media who bothered to notice being the Des Moines Register’s Kathy Obradovich tweeting.


But let this serve as yet another reminder: Trump is not a conservative. He has deeply un-conservative and nutty policy ideas. The list of reasons why he should not be the standard-bearer for the GOP heading into 2016 is growing by the minute, and it was already long.

It is beyond me how we’ve reached a point where voting for a liberal Democrat with an (R) next to his name is the only way to prove you’re true conservative, but that’s where we are I suppose.

I look forward to all of the Trump fans on twitter explaining to me why the catastrophic RFS mandate is now the greatest conservative idea since tax cuts.


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