VIDEO: Obama is a Foreign Policy Failure

It’s hard to look around at the world today and feel as though we’re safer than we were before President Obama took office. Yet, this is exactly what he promised would happen when he ran for the office in 2008.


The Daily Signal released a new video today highlighting the condition of the world in stark contrast to the lofty promises made by then candidate Obama. Ultimately asking the question: “Are we stronger?”

It’s an important question to ask. Only through asking this question and coming to what many believe is the obvious answer can we honestly and accurately form opinions on what to do about it.


With violence previously observed throughout the middle east now finding its way into our backyard, it’s more important than ever for Americans to wake up to the cold reality that when we say “elections have consequences,” it is not a bumper sticker or a slogan. It is dire warning.

Full disclosure: As a video editor, I make lots of videos for lots of clients. This is one of those videos. I promise I like what I make.


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