South Carolina Is About To Get Interesting

Out of all the Republican primaries taking place across the country, there is only one that I have taken an active interest in seeing a particular outcome. Senator Lindsey Graham has given voters a litany of reasons to doubt his loyalty to the ideals of small government conservatism. But really it boils down to this: why should we have to have a “good enough” Senator in a state like South Carolina in the first place?


Why should we have to endure the same condescending establishment baloney in a state where most voters will push the (R) button no matter who is on the ballot? And this isn’t intended as an insult. I live here and will be pushing that button myself. Now is the time to fight for who is on the other end of that button. I see no reason that Tim Scott should be the only fighter in the Senate from our state. Frankly, there is no reason to settle and I don’t intend to.

This is why I joined the board of Carolina Conservatives United last year. We’ve been quiet since our initial launch, but tomorrow we are hoping to raise a ruckus.

We believe we’ve found an iron clad way to extend the run-off period in the South Carolina primary. Right now it is at a paltry 2 weeks and we believe we’ve discovered something that will extend that to 60 days.

Why is this so important? To put things in perspective, David Dewhurst finished first in the primaries in Texas in 2012. It was the runoff period that earned Ted Cruz the job title of Junior Senator from the Great State of Texas.


I’m not allowed to provide details beyond this at this point, and I’m fully aware that when it comes to fighting establishment players like Lindsey Graham, it would be foolish to assume that anything is certain.

But we believe there is a hope that the time for South Carolina voters to pick, the time needed for candidates to up their game, could be longer than anyone had expected. And that could be a game changer.

Stay tuned.


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