VIDEO: There's Still Time President Obama


In 2008, President Obama campaigned on hope and change. He made lofty promises from closing Gitmo to changing the sea levels. At a debate in 2008, in between John McCain obsessively saying “my friends”, we heard a different Barack Obama than teh one we hear today. One that believed we must deal with our entitlement crisis and we must deal with it swiftly.


He addressed this because at the time, with an outgoing Republican president, it was in vogue to admit that entitlements and unfunded obligations were the problem. Nowadays, the only problem the left seems to see is that rich guys aren’t getting hosed. We’ve spent a month debating (supposedly) $800 billion in tax revenue against a $16 trillion dollar debt. All this without even addressing the unfunded obligations that Tom Brokaw mentioned in the video which by some accounts is in excess of $120 trillion. Yes. That’s a “t”.

Hopefully a compromise that at the very least prevents us from going backward will appear. I’m not optimistic.


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