Obama Campaign Spreading Oppo on Bain Detractors?

Cory Booker, the Democrat Mayor who is rapidly becoming more famous for getting smacked down by his party after speaking his mind then he ever was for saving someone from a burning building, just can’t seem to say sorry enough to escape the trouncing he’s getting from the left.


Despite making what has been referred to as a hostage video, begging for forgiveness for calling Obama’s attacks on private equity “nauseating,” the left continues to slam him.

For example, we have Chris Matthews berating Booker as the next Zell Miller, the Democrat that left the party in ’04 and spoke at the GOP Convention that year.


Lest you wonder if Matthews considers it a dig at Booker to compare him to Zell, look no further than the infamous interview in which Zell smacked Matthews down and challenged him to a duel on national television.

Now comes a Politico article from Alexander Burns which reeks of campaign oppo research on not only Booker, but a whole passel of Democrats that have dared to speak ill of the Bain strategy.

Gov. Ed Rendell made the mistake of referring to the Bain attacks as “disappointing.” Burns provided the “context”:

The big caveat with Rendell is that he currently works for a law firm, Ballard Spahr, that has a big mergers-and-acquisitions practice, and sells its private-equity expertise in these terms: “Our more than 70 M&A/private equity attorneys represent buyers (both strategic and financial) and sellers ranging from small, privately held companies to multinational public companies in transactions that span small and middle markets to multibillion-dollar mergers. Because of the scale of our practice and depth of our deal experience, we are responsive to the unique requirements of every client and transaction, no matter the deal type or size or relevant industry.”


Just for good measure, Burns hits Cory Booker again because the public flogging clearly didn’t do the job.

Similar disclaimers apply to other critics of the Bain strategy. It’s been widely noted that Cory Booker raised big cash from private equity and other financial services companies.

Next was Harold Ford who committed the sin of saying Booker should’ve stood by his original remarks:

Since leaving office, Harold Ford has worked for Bank of America and Morgan Stanley.

And finally, Steven Rattner, who said the Bain attacks “go too far.

Ex-auto czar Steven Rattner actually founded a private equity firm and ended up in legal hot water for his finance activities.

It’s nice that Politico is around to do all these hatchet jobs for the administration. I expected them to send out oppo research on Republicans. I wasn’t completely surprised when they coaxed journalists into vetting private citizens that appeared in Romney ads. But I don’t think I ever would’ve predicted they’d be digging up dirt on their own campaign surrogates.


Chicago style political persuasion is alive and well in the Obama reelection campaign. Tow the line or be crucified.


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