Obama Launches Reelection Campaign. Throngs of Adoring Fans Apparently Stuck in Traffic.

It seems that it’s not only Barack Obama’s position of football spiking that has taken a turn in an election year. Apparently the enthusiasm that resulted in huge stadiums full of adoring fans in 2008 has also changed quite a bit.


From the Columbus Dispatch:

The Romney campaign kept a close eye on the proceedings. Romney’s national press secretary, Ryan Williams, found his way to a seat in the arena and later characterized the speech as “a retread, a cut-and-paste job of President Obama’s 2008 campaign rhetoric.

“Unfortunately,” Williams continued, “for him this time around he has a record to defend, a record of exploding deficits, job losses and fiscal mismanagement in Washington.”


Twitter was abuzz with photos and comments about vast areas of empty seats in the arena’s upper deck.

Noting that the Obama campaign had predicted an “overflow crowd,” Williams said, “This arena was not full so the president failed to meet the bar his campaign set.”

So were the empty rows as bad as reported? Luckily for us, twitter exists.

This seems as good a time as any to repost a video of mine from 2 years ago to prove that I knew this eventual disappointment was coming.



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