More Union Workers Smoking Pot on the Job

Remember the explosive story last year that revealed how our hard earned tax dollars were being spent so that bailed out union workers could spend their time drinking and smoking pot at work? Well, I can’t say “they’re at it again” because this is a different plant, with different people, doing the same thing.


via MRCTV:

Meanwhile, President Obama would rather storm out of a meeting than cut spending that enables behavior like this.  And yes, I know that Chrysler has “paid off” it’s loans, but if you think that this behavior wasn’t happening on the taxpayers dime as well, then I’m sure you’ll be pulling the lever for Obama in 2012 anyway.

Apparently, a tip came in for the reporter because other workers were tired of “working next to people that were buzzed.”  How safe you feeling in your Chrysler right about now?


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