Union Mob Surrounds & Interrogates Reporter, Calling Him a NARC

Remember back during the healthcare debate when the Republicans fled D.C. to hide in hotels, the Tea Party protestors manhandled women & pushed people around culminating in that grand sacking of the Capitol we did?  Yes, I can still hear the sound of shattering glass and pushed over police officers.


Of course you don’t.  Because conservatives believe in protest as well as the rule of law.  And when we don’t get our way, we win at the polls, not at the end of a stick.

This crowd is downright frightening as they surround and harass this reporter for doing nothing more than turning his camera on.  I suppose they can be forgiven for calling him a NARC since “Riot Control” is in the name and that’s clearly what is needed to calm down this band of criminals and thugs.

Thank God their desire to vandalize the Capitol overcame their desire to bully a stranger.



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