GoProud Is Not Worried About New CPAC Rules

As was noted earlier today, the American Conservative Union’s (ACU) board of directors chairman Al Cardenas has announced new rules and guidelines for participating organizations.  Specifically that “Groups supporting ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’[DADT] repeal or gay marriage will no longer be allowed to participate at CPAC.  This has caused some to conclude that the organization GoProud will not be allowed to attend next years conference.


As has been pointed out, part of the reason that GoProud received so much criticism leading up to CPAC was what was viewed by many as a “non-conservative” agenda.

In 2010, GoProud made clear their support for repeal of DADT as well as taking a view of gay marriage that is largely dependent on the state legislatures.  They’ve also been outspoken in their opposition to a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

All of these factors, as well as the controversies surrounding recent statements by Co-Founder Chris Barron, have lead some to believe that GoProud’s days as a participating organization ended when David Keene stepped down as ACU chairman.  As such, the comments by Cardenas have been viewed as potentially laying the groundwork for denying GoProud entrance next year.

I solicited a response from Barron on the matter and in his view, there’s no reason for GoProud to be concerned:


Considering we don’t support gay marriage and DADT isn’t part of our 2011 legislative agenda [I’m] not sure how this effects us at all.

A bill to repeal DADT was passed in 2010 and awaits certification from the President, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff & The Secretary of Defense.  As GoProud supported the bill, it remains to be seen whether this will disqualify them for participation in the 2012 conference.


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