Putting Texas First! Texans Have A Choice to Replace John Cornyn For US Senate. Early Voting Starts February 18th.

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OK, fellow Texans.

How many times have you heard “I like the conservative candidate X for any office but he can’t win, so I’ll vote for the Establishment Candidate Y”?


How many times have you voted for the Establishment Candidate Y because you thought the conservative candidate X didn’t have a chance?

How many times have you voted for Establishment Candidate Y because you didn’t have a choice? Or worse, because you didn’t know you had a choice?

How many times has Establishment candidate Y been John Cornyn?

30% of Texas Republicans and I voted for someone other than John Cornyn in the 2014 primary. Cornyn hasn’t even shown he is aware of the discontent 30% of the Republican Electorate represents.

In 2020 we have a real choice!

Before I start talking about why I am supporting Dwayne Stovall for US Senate in 2020, let’s review what I don’t like about John Cornyn.

John Cornyn is one of those Six Year Cicadas* burrowing into the leftist swamp mud-five out of every six years. These Swamp critters metamorphose into a conservative blowhard every sixth (election) year.

As Republican Whip, Cornyn has been at the center of every swamp decision made by McConnel, Graham and Company.

He’s voted every time for funding planned parenthood. He’s voted every time for extending the debt ceiling. He’s voted every time for expanding the budget deficit. He’s voted every time for the collection of cell phone data from every single American. He’s voted every time for the travesty, AKA The FISA Court Comey, McCabe and Company have abused. Cornyn Supported DACA In 2018! He’s supported Amnesty and the Chamber of Commerce agenda on immigration and border security and sold out US manufacturing to the Chinese.


In short, He’s voted every single time for expanding the Swamp and controlling more of our lives from Washington DC.

Leave me alone already!

When the Tea Party was in full roar demanding spending cuts, every time Republicans compromised on another budget-busting bill, Cornyn was there to tell us, “We will get them next time,”

John Cornyn was in leadership and supported McConnnel’s genius move to use the defense budget to leverage spending cuts from the Democrats. As if gutting defense to fund social programs wasn’t every leftist’s wet dream since the sixties. Who out there who has paid any attention to politics in the last 50 years couldn’t predict  how that would turn out?

So we got the sequester and devastating cuts to military spending. Great plan, Mitch. Good job, John. Awesome, Simply mind blowingly AWSOME!

In short, if you ask, “What’s John Cornyn done for liberty loving Texans lately?”

Not a lot.

Not a blessed thing actually!

To top it off, where is the man? He’s not campaigning to my knowledge. Does he think he’s got this won already? Does he not see his vulnerability? Dose he just not care?

Is he in Texas talking to his fellow Texans?

Or is is he in DC consolidating more power?

Where the HELL is John Cornyn?

So let’s look at the real choice we have in this election. Who is Dwayne Stovall?

Let me quote from a recent email I received when corresponding with him. (I’ve edited some for space and emphasis.):


My name is Dwayne Stovall and I’m just an every-Texan. I’m a husband, a father, and a business owner. I work for myself and my family. I’m charitable where my heart calls me to be. I believe a man should own the property he purchases with the fruits of his labor. I believe the governmental structure under which we relate to each other should be as small as humanly possible and should exist only to secure our individual liberty and property. In short, I’m a little [r] republican with Jeffersonian principles, and THAT makes me the conservative republican the establishment big government leadership of the Republican Party no longer represents.

Can Cornyn be beat?

As I said earlier, 30% of Texas Republicans and I voted for someone other than Cornyn in the 2014 primary.

According to poles conducted and a piece written by the Texas Politics Project, THE TALE OF SENATOR CORNYN’S POLL NUMBERS AS DEMOCRATS LINE UP FOR THE CHANCE TO CHALLENGE HIM IN 2020  written by Jim Henson and Joshua Blank

John Cornyn may have a bumpy road ahead:

  1. Only 37% of Texas Republicans approve or John Cornyn.
  2. 29% of Texas Republicans knew who he is but couldn’t give a positive or negative opinion of John Cornyn.
  3. 17% of Texas Republicans couldn’t even register an opinion or didn’t know who he is.

So only 37% approve and a full 36% either can’t render an opinion or they have no clue who John Cornyn is. Kepp in mind, this is AFTER 20 years in office and a significant amount of time as Senate Republican Whip.


It get’s worse when we look at Independents who have registered net negative numbers for Cornyn over the last 5 years.

As of June 2019, John Cornyn has:

  1. Only 28% approval among Independents.
  2. 40% of Independents disapprove.
  3. I didn’t see the numbers of independents that don’t know who he is, (I am not a statistician), but you can figure it out.

We all need a place to call home.

Cornyn is vulnerable, not because the Democrats are an overwhelming threat in Texas yet.

He’s vulnerable because he’s already lost 30% of his base, his negatives are as high as his positives and after 20 years in the US Senate and a lot of that in Republican leadership, large numbers of Texans can’t even identify who the man is!

With those kinds of negatives and potential primary voters who have no opinion,  Cornyn CAN be beat and I believe Stovall is the man to beat him.

If it’s not Stovall, Democrats are lining up to challenge him in the General election. Given his numbers, Democrats smell blood in the water and the GOP may be in for a surprise come November with John Cornyn as our candidate.

As I’ve so often heard on these pages, Buckley said, “Vote conservative in the primaries, Vote Republican in the general.”

Dwayne Stovall should be the conservative primary vote for every constitution minded, classically liberal, liberty loving Texan, Tejano and Texian.


Can Stovall get to 51%?

I believe so.

But the more important question is, can Cornyn get to 51%?

From the above, I have my doubts. If not, we have a runoff… Cruz Vs Dewhurst, anyone? Or we have a Democrat Senator from Texas.

From Stovall:

After many years of watching John Cornyn consistently vote with the Democrats on everything we conservative Texans hate, and then listening to him blame the Democrats for the very problems he helped create, I made the decision to run against him.

So, in 2014. With only $70,000, I ran against John Cornyn and garnered almost 11% of the Republican Primary vote.

I decided almost immediately to run again and never really stopped campaigning.

I have the largest campaign in Texas with between 1,000 and 1,500 volunteers. All drawn to the message of “Putting Texas First” and the belief we must divest power away from Washington and return it to Texas where it belongs.

Finally, You read above what I think of Cornyn, Here is what Stovall says:

It doesn’t take the casual observer long to realize Cornyn’s actions in office are completely predictable. When and if he ever speaks publicly, which is extremely rare outside of an election period, it is always the same old rhetoric;

“Those Democrats” are the ones who want to grow the debt. THEY are the ones who want to increase the spending. THEY are the ones who want to fund Planned Murderhood. THEY are the ones who want to give the government evermore unconstitutional powers. This is his only message. It has never, ever changed…

When I say Cornyn’s actions are predictable, this is what I mean:

HE stands in front of the camera and blames the Democrats while HE votes for things like increasing the debt. HE stands in front of the camera and blames the Democrats then HE votes for increased spending. HE stands in front of the camera and blames the Democrats then HE votes for funding Planned Murderhood. HE stands in front of the camera and blames the Democrats while HE supports more government overreach.

When the camera is off, he tells every conservative Texan, “I am just like you” before negotiating with Dianne Feinstein to create “smart” infringements on our right to bear arms, or works with Beto to craft legislation to undermine the wall, or votes for illegal bailouts, anti-free market minimum wage increases, and allowing the federal government to illegally spy on law abiding Texans.

And these are just a few examples.


Stovall has so much more to say, and I plan to follow this up with more from him if we can arrange it.

So I support Dwayne Stovall and if you are a Liberty loving Texan, Tejano, Texian or even a GOD fearing, liberty loving down home country snow bird who transplanted to Texas… YOU should too!

Whether you early vote starting February 18th, or wait till March 3rd , send a message to the Swamp: “It’s not what you say you’ll do that we care about, its what you do when we’re not looking that matters.”

Yours in Liberty



Please visit the site to learn more:

Texans for Stovall Website

See more here:

YouTube 2020 Campaign

YouTube 2014 Campaign




*I can’t take credit for the Cicada label, one of our brilliant diarists brought it up in a thread I was in about Lindsey Graham and it was such a good description I promised I was going to steal his idea. I don’t remember his name but hat tip to him/her whomever it was.


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