If Al Franken Hasn't Set a Date By the Time a Winner is Declared in Alabama, He's Basically a Roy Moore Voter

Last week, Al Franken offered a non-apology apology for the many accusations against him from women who claim he was inappropriate or sexually harassed them. Then, under pressure, he offered a non-resignation resignation.


Today, the special election takes place in Alabama, and we’ll find out if Republicans are going to be the Roy Moore party or not. If Democrats don’t decide they aren’t the Al Franken party before that happens, then his speech was, as many said, all for show. A political ploy.

A ploy to try to get Moore out and give them the upper hand on the issue. And possibly to delay until May so they can ensure his seat stays blue until 2020.

That means he and the Democrats are making a political calculation in their own best interest rather than based on the outcry or moral imperative facing Senator Franken. They are choosing, in other words, politics over principles. Which is just exactly what they are angry at Moore supporters for.

Now, you and I both know Al Franken isn’t going to come out with a date for his resignation tonight. So, as it stands, he’s merely refused to fully apologize and refused to fully resign, continuing on as a sitting United States senator. That’s how it was yesterday, that is how it will be tomorrow.


And tonight will be the defining line that proves it. He won’t set that date. Whether Moore wins or not, Franken will still be a sitting Democrat who has not resigned despite the calls from women in his own party to do just that.

Do let’s remind them of that.


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