BOOM: Can You Guess Who the 'Good Guy with a Gun' in Texas Was Affiliated With?

Stephen Willeford saved lives on Sunday. He exchanged gunfire with the murderous scumbag who was shooting the Christians at church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.


He chased the killer, as did Johnnie Langendorff. This saved lives, of that there can be no question.

That makes him a hero. But you know what else he is?

He’s a card-carrying member of the NRA. You will recall, I trust, that the murderer was not.

So a man who obtained a gun illegally and was not a member of the NRA attacked a church full of Texan Christians and was stopped by a Texan NRA instructor.

Oh did I not mention that part? Yeah. He was also a certified NRA firearms instructor.

This is the good-guy-with-a-gun scenario that our Hollywood betters tell us doesn’t exist (even though they make endless movies about it.) A trained, certified, legal gun owner intervening against a bad guy with an illegally obtained weapon he is not permitted, by gun law, to have.

When RedState learned that the man “may” have been with the NRA, we reached out to confirm it. Before that confirmation came through, it was also confirmed by Dana Loesch, who is an NRA spokesperson, in this Tweet:



I mentioned earlier, when discussing the myth propagated by Shannon Watts, that the left’s obsession with fantasy prevents them from asking real questions that might actually make a difference in a situation like this terrible tragedy in Texas.

Did the background check system (NICS) fail somehow? Did someone in the chain of notification not obey the law? These are real questions that should be the subject of inquiry, as they would be in any non-gun situation.

Instead, the left spends their time pretending toddlers can buy AR15s from Walmart and that it’s easier to buy guns than groceries. Oh, and pretending that the NRA was to blame in Texas. Instead of the truth.

Which is that the NRA saved the day.


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