Tragic Report: Son of Former Fox News Host Eric Bolling is Dead at Age 19

Yashar Ali, via Twitter, reported today on the apparent tragic passing of the son of Eric Bolling, who just yesterday was let go by Fox News.


The Daily News has more:

Former Fox News host Eric Bolling’s 19-year-old son was found dead Friday evening.

Eric Chase Bolling’s untimely death came hours after the network announced the elder Bolling’s departure from “The Specialists.”

His ouster came after he was accused of sending unsolicited photos of his genitalia to three female colleagues.

The younger Bolling studied economics at the University of Colorado Boulder, according to his Facebook profile. It’s unclear how he died.

Eric Bolling leaves Fox News following sexting scandal

He was Bolling’s only son with wife Adrienne.

In a separate report at Mediaite, it was suggested that the cause of death may have been suicide.

It is of dreadful significance that he died on the same day that Fox announced the cancellation of his show. Already the links are being inferred and expounded upon on Twitter, though details on the awful situation remain scarce.

I find it in poor taste, usually, upon the moment of a tragedy to add “no matter what you thought of so-and-so”. The clear implication is that you didn’t think very much of them, and it hardly seems necessary if you are truly expressing condolences. In that regard I offer my own. I can think of no greater pain or sorrow than the loss of a child, except that the loss be that they took their own life.


However, when Andrew Kaczynski remarked on Twitter today “This is very very sad on a human level, regardless on what you thought of Eric” I thought the addendum appropriate. The news of Bolling’s career was too fresh to be ignored, and the circumstances too significant. Yesterday a great many of us applauded his job loss. It was only correct for Kaczynski and others to note that they separately and genuinely mourn today the passing of a young man, a child. His son.

And there, too, I can only echo what others said better before me, that I separately ache for the pain he must be feeling. Like everyone in the field of political commentary there are times to pull punches and times not to. Yesterday was the time not to pull them, and I did not. Today is the time to be quiet. I hope, for once, everyone will. When a polarizing figure suffers, social media becomes rife with mockery of their pain, or crass opportunism springing from it. But if Joy Reid, Yashar Ali, Andrew Kaczynski and others are any indication, perhaps not this time.

It is better to say what a tragic and terrible ordeal they must be going through. It is better to pray for them. It is better to be genuinely sad for the unfathomable loss and sorrow.


It is infinitely better not to make it about you, or your politics, or a particular also polarizing politician. That was for yesterday. Not for today.

UPDATE: From Eric Bolling on Twitter, no sign of self-harm at this point.


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