Lou Dobbs Stars in the Most Unintentionally Hilarious Video Clip of All Time

Loon Dobbs has had some great turns at bat swinging for the champion of stupid Twitter. It’s a tough field with the likes of Sean Hannity out there setting new records every day. But, BUT, I think Dobbs has finally nailed it with this amazingly over-the-top – I guess you would call it a tirade? Sure. – over-the-top tirade about Paul Ryan.


Steel yourself, and watch. IF YOU CAN.

That’s the first time I’ve ever seen the out-loud human equivalent of typing a bunch of hashtags in all caps, exclamation points and typos.

Trump cut a deal with Democrats (his pals “Chuck and Nancy”, to hear him tell it), their very first offer (ie. no negotiations), bypassing the GOP’s position on the matter, and shared a loving embrace with Chuck after the fact.

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SIDE NOTE: Remember when Trumpkins went ballistic over Chris Christie’s infamous Obama hug? It was right before they fully embrace him because he sucked up to Trump.

Anyway, as Ben Sasse noted …

And yet, Lou Dobbs thinks that this brilliant pro-Democrats, anti-Republicans stance has put Paul Ryan away for good. I can’t imagine anything more delusional. Or a more ridiculous, hilarious, embarrassingly obsequious bit of Trump fluffing being put to video for the ages.


But then again, I haven’t caught Hannity tonight.

For a better read on the situation, listen to this from (believe it or not) Matt Lewis.

Lou Dobbs. He’s a comic genius, you guys.


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