Marco Rubio's Excellent Post-Sessions Hearing Interview (Full Video)

Senator Rubio had an enlightening exchange with Attorney General Sessions Tuesday, and an even more enlightening exchange with reporters after the hearing ended.


I could summarize, but you really will get more out of it by watching. (If the embed doesn’t load, click here.)

“I challenge you to find a single Senator who says they have evidence of collusion,” he said. Challenge not accepted.

He pushes back against the idea that the Attorney General didn’t answer questions (although to be fair, the Attorney General didn’t answer some questions), but more importantly he brings clarity to issues that some are deliberately trying to keep murky. Namely, whether there has been any evidence to date of collusion. (Hint: there hasn’t been.)

As I wrote for today’s lead story, the most important thing to find out now is the answer to the question of what Russia did and how they did it. And Senator Rubio hammers that point home.


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