Um: Trump's Russian Award Winning Law Firm

Morning Joe brought us this groundbreaking scooptastic moment on Monday.


HEILEMANN: “Can I give you like one little data point that you all will enjoy?”
HEILEMANN: “The law firm that Trump uses for his tax —“ [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “Oh, I like this.”
HEILEMANN: “Which wrote the letter.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Very reputable law firm.”
HEILEMANN: “The certified letter.” [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “By the way, by the way, by the way —“
BRZEZINSKI: “Beautiful law firm.”
SCARBOROUGH: “I understand they got the award for the greatest law firm.”
HEILEMANN: “Yeah, but it’s —“
HEILEMANN: “The Russian law firm of the year.” [crosstalk]
SCARBOROUGH: “The Russian — exactly.”
HEILEMANN: “Russia law firm of the year award in 2016.”
HEILEMANN: “Yes. Morgan, Lewis & Bockius is name of the firm.
HAASS: “Can’t make it up.”
HEILEMANN: “They have a — if you go to their website it will tell you that they have — they’ve not only celebrated their Russia law firm of the year award but they also talk about their 40 lawyers and staff in their Moscow office and have deep ties.”
CONFESSORE: “Sounds like just the right law firm for this president.”

Oh how hilarious! Only, there’s a problem.

That’s right. As The Free Beacon‘s Alex Griswold notes, Morgan Lewis was founded here in the United States and, like a lot of major law firms, banks, and corporations, happens to have a branch in Russia.

In fact, if you go to the Morgan Lewis website, you’ll see they were also on the NYSE Governance Services and FTI Consulting Inc. list of America’s Best Corporate Law Firms in 2016.

America, you may have heard, is this place here, where Trump is President.

While MSNBC is investigating nefarious awards, they should look into Miss Universe. WHAT UNIVERSE IS SHE LOYAL TO, EXACTLY???

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