FOX-y: Roger Stone and Mean Girls Sean Hannity and Bill Shine

You guys. YOU. GUYS. This is awesome. I’m super excited about it. Just … just look.



But wait, there’s more!

How much do you love this? The absolute insanity of the Fox News/Trump World nexus is a never-ending source of “what the what?!” The network has reached near zero credibility, and the Trump circle of friends is … well, you know. But now Trump’s crazy uncle is fighting with his dearest lap puppy and we all get to watch. I suddenly understand the TMZ audience just a little better.


For the record, I have zero reason to doubt Sensei Sean wanted that Chief of Staff position. Goodness knows he worked his knees to the bone for it. But keeping Roger Stone off the air? That’s just self-preservation, man.

For the scorekeepers, though: O’Reilly out, Bill Shine booted, and now Roger Stone is scoring burns.

Guys, you’re having a bad year.

cough karma cough


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