WORSER: New CBO Report on Amended AHCA Released (After Vote was Delayed)

The revised Congressional Budget Office report on the republican’s so-called “repeal and replace” legislation has been released. This is the new estimate based on the amendments from earlier this week.


Here is the PDF of the report.

Spoiler: It didn’t really improve.

Obviously, the report does not cover changes made in the last 18 hours or so in concession to the Freedom Caucus. Nor, obviously, address that more changes may be coming.

One immediate point that jumps out is that there is a smaller savings now than was originally projected.

As a result of those amendments, this estimate shows smaller savings over the next 10 years than the estimate that CBO issued on March 13 for the reconciliation recommendations of the House Committee on Ways and Means and the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. The estimated effects on health insurance coverage and on premiums for health insurance are similar to those estimated for the committees’ recommendations.

The uninsured numbers remain the same, at the 14 million increase over ACA that was projected in the previous CBO report.

The report was just released, so we’ll dig into more and post updates as and if they are necessary. This is the short version. I don’t know yet if there will be a third report forthcoming in the near future involving the latest changes.

The short version is, not as much money saved, no additional coverage. Um .. okay?


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