Loopy Lou Dobbs Wants Gorsuch Gone for Not Loving Trump Enough (VIDEO)

Lou Dobbs is a nut. He has a rubber butt. Every time he turns around it goes “putt, putt.”


Sorry, nonsense seemed like the only reasonable reply.

Because while the Democrats are trying the filibuster for no reason, and every correct person in America is waiting or the inevitable and good for America “yes” on future Justice Gorsuch, Lou Dobbs is wringing his man boobs because the judge doesn’t genuflect to Trump with sufficient passion and lust.

We’re sorry, Lou-py, but the balance of the court and the future of America pique our interest just slightly more than Trump fluffing. But hey, do feel free to send him some dreamy posters of Trump to put on his wall if that makes you feel better.

You nut.

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lou-dobbs-gorsuchActual photo of Lou Dobbs watching the Gorsuch hearing.


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