See Nuclear Nazi Trump with Dollar Swastikas and Mushroom Clouds!

If you want to see a picture of President Trump flanked by mushroom clouds and swastikas, then look no further, because Arizona has got you, fam.

A new billboard, describe sedately as “controversial” by local NBC affiliate KPNX-TV, hovers over a major Arizona thoroughfare with a startling image. Take a look:



Um. Wow.

I think a lot of people are feeling this way and I’m just trying to express what I think is on a lot of people’s minds these days,” the billboard’s artist, Karen Fiorito, said Friday in an interview from her California home.

“Something that really concerned us was this idea of a dictatorship where things were going in a certain direction.”

But look closely at the mushroom clouds and you’ll see clown faces. There’s a Russian flag on Trump’s lapel.

“I tried to put a little bit of humor in things that are really dark and hard to take,” Fiorito said.

Oh yeah, that’s hilarious. Beatrice Moore, who paid for the billboard, describes herself as a “patron of the arts,” which is what you say to get away with being a jerk. “It’s art.” She says the billboard will stay up as long as Trump is the president, so yay locals! You get to see that .. thing every morning when you drive by!

Here’s the on-air report from KPNX:

Filed under: Imagine the total media meltdown if this had happened to Obama.
Also filed under: by the way, this lady did a nasty billboard for Bush, too. Go figure.


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