I Simply Cannot Believe the Ridiculous Way SNL Ended Last Night

On the scale of dumb, lame things that Saturday Night Live has done over the years – and believe me, that’s a really, really, really large scale – last night’s closing sketch somehow still managed to go off the chart. Off the table full of charts. After setting the charts on fire with a hobo’s corpse to cover their crime. This is that lame. Hobo corpse lame.


Really? IF you can’t see the video I don’t know whether to feel bad for you or congratulate you on your fabulous luck, but to summarize, Cecily Strong and Sasheer Zamata sang “To Sir, With Love” to a picture of President Obama. Then they showed a coffee mug and said “We got you a mug. It says ‘World’s Best President.'”

To close out the unfunny, maudlin display, the camera cut to a black screen with a message.


I’m sure it sounded clever when they wrote it. And Daily Show Democrats will fall all over themselves to share how it touched them emotionally, as they did when that abominable Hillary at the piano sketch aired. But clever isn’t funny, and besides, it wasn’t clever.

It’s not so much that they’re partisan, though they are. It’s not that they have decided to cater to a particular audience at the expense of (and largely by mocking) another. It’s not even that they pitch politics at the expense of humor. Well, okay, it’s not JUST that.

It’s that it is so extraordinarily dorky and lame. It’s the kind of sycophantic idol-worship they pretend at finding distasteful in, say, Trump voters for example. Demi Moore “I Pledge” video levels of gag-inducing adulation that is hard to stomach in places where it sort of belongs (like fan clubs), but so much worse on a somewhat popular, late night, weekend sketch comedy show.

The show has become a vehicle for default-liberal, surface, basic, detached, disposable-income, Oprah book club, unserious, uninvolved, small-minded, intellectually incurious, self-satisfied, hybrid-driving, smug, vacuous coastal democrat culture. Maybe that’s a big audience, I don’t know, but it’s definitely the kind of audience to give the cast members the ego-soothing acceptance and fawning praise of the fellow traveler commiserating over the insensitive louts in flyover country.

I could go on but the saccharine has given me some kind of allergic reaction and I need to go put on my Ford cap and eat a cheeseburger and some freedom fries while discussing American flags with an eagle and a firework.

UGH. You’re the worst, SNL. Bring back that clever shark.

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