Obama Boasts No Terror Attacks on Our Soil, Then Lists Terror Attacks on Our Soil [VIDEO]

In his farewell address tonight, President Obama had a lot of things to say that we can unpack (and will) but one struck me right away. He boasted, as he and other Democrats often do, that there has been no terror on our soil during his Presidency. But then he proceeded immediately to list multiple examples of terror on our soil during his presidency.


Now he, like his apologists, would quickly argue that he only stated that no foreign terror organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our soil. To which you should reply with righteous anger “how dare you try to parse out the deaths of Americans in such a base way?” Are you resting on a technicality so you can brag about an accomplishment that does not exist?

We experienced terror on our soil and plenty of it. Terror that has been exported from international terrorist organizations, from ISIS and Al Qaeda, who have given direction, instruction, comfort, guidance, and indeed the desire to act to the terrorists who then acted here. It is beyond grotesque for sniveling dishonest Democrats to try to burnish Obama’s legacy by putting a bunch of pointless conditionals in the statement.

Obama is making the statement, as are his lackeys, for the purpose of bragging that he has been strong and vigilant and kept the enemy away from our homes. That is the point they are making, it is what they follow-up with after he says things like this, and it is utterly false. His caveats are meaningless doublespeak. Or would be meaningless if his administration did not try to make this true by treating those attacks as isolated extremist criminal cases rather than the actual terrorism that they were.


Terror came here. Terror acted here. People died here. You’re just going to have to face that, Mr. Obama. And so are your flunkies. And then next administration had damn well better learn from your mistakes.


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